Believe it or not

My nephew took his life, June 20th, 2017, and everyone was and continues to be beyond devastated. A few days after he passed away, before taking a shower to wash away all the tears from my face from crying all day. I said in my mind, show me that you are alright, make a noise,... Continue Reading →

“Small Town Southern Man”

This song reminds me of our father. He wasn't a southern man, but our mother was a southern belle from Kentucky. Dad worked every day but Sunday. He created his own business, Staples Landscaping, which he did into his seventies. I think he tried retiring several times, but couldn't stay away. He fell asleep most... Continue Reading →


My Mother recently passed away. If my Mother is in HEAVEN, that is where I long to be. Since I've had time at work to read, I've been reading the BIBLE. I will try to put into words what I'm understanding. I've read some BOOKS of the BIBLE before, but this time, I decided to... Continue Reading →

The “boiling frog.”

Here is hoping people read this and open their mind to their preconceived notions and assumptions. Everyone is quick to forget about "net neutrality". Remember that? The FCC is allowing internet service providers to CENSOR/BLOCK/BAN/LIMIT our access to what we can see on the internet! (Freedom of Speech) Now, gun control starting with so called... Continue Reading →

My two cents…

On my soap box for a minute with my two cents. Although history wasn't my favorite subject, I do recall every few decades were segregated into ages. The Golden Age, Baby Boomers, Generation Y & X, the Millennials, etc. You get the idea. I don't know if I am expressing this well, but I have... Continue Reading →

It’s really quite simple. Really.

Some say Intuition is like a Sixth Sense. I think "feelings" in general should be the Sixth Sense. Intuition is an emotion, which is feelings. Intuition (Positive internal guidance - our internal GPS) can evoke feelings of excitement for something. Feeling excited about a new venture, a new job, a new puppy. Not knowing the... Continue Reading →

Dancing in the rain

In one of my blog posts I mentioned I realized a passion for something. That passion is my ability to notice things out of order, or as my husband would call, "my OCDness". I started, actually, continued online courses in a new direction, one in digital marketing. To find a way to assist an organization... Continue Reading →


It doesn't matter. "I need nothing, and you need to learn how to figure that out, too. When your expectation of others is zero, when you do not rely on a single person emotionally or financially, when you start creating the game inside your own head and allowing yourself to have incredible, incredible happiness and... Continue Reading →

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