The quieter you become, the more you can hear…

I have a passion and didn’t know it. What?! How could I not know this?????

Since becoming unemployed, I have revamped my resume, continued online learning, wracked my brain to find, or try to feel out that which I want to do moving forward.

Years ago, I read two books. “What Color Is Your Parachute”, by Richard Nelson Bolles, a job/career guide to finding your passion and “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow”, by Marsha Sinetar.

When you love to do something, money is secondary. If you “love” doing something, you constantly want to actively “do” that which you love, and money isn’t a component of that which you feel compelled to do.

Step in lack of money, and the waters get murky. Money may be the “root of all evil”, but is a necessary currency to provide shelter, food and the bartering method for goods and services.

Loss of self-esteem, anxiety, confusion, impatience, fear of the unknown, and the lack of financial security clutter my mind.

The list goes on…

Instead of feeling lack, I decided to feel the fear, and move forward. When one door closes, another one opens. Yes, but not without effort. Doors do not magically open by themselves, it takes action. My action.

My stubbornness is actually an asset in this pathway. Two steps forward, three steps back. My path has become a stockpile of idioms.

When I stopped focusing on lack, and focused on researching the best way to market or brand myself, my mind was quietly (or subconsciously) focusing on opening the next door.

I had an epiphany, an “Aha!” moment, realizing I had a genuine interest in something that gets me excited thinking about it.

Who knew???

Although I am enjoying blogging and exploring my own thoughts and ideas, it isn’t my new passion. I may mention it at some point. 😉 We’ll see how it goes….



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