Finding the takeaway is key

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*One caveat, no matter how desperate you are to rejoin the workforce, do yourself a favor and do your due diligence.*

Obviously, something that seems too good to be true, is more than likely just that, too good to be true.

Research organizations you are applying to. I had one telephone conversation with a company and it sounded off. I was asked if I had certain skills and was told it was alright if I didn’t. Huh?

The pay rate was five dollars less per hour than what others in that position were making. I was OK with that, but I needed to know more.

I researched this business and found out they were being sued for millions. They had been in court at least once per month since they were penalized by the court system, postponing payment due of their infraction because they had severe negative cash flow. In fact, according to employee reviews: They hadn’t paid several employees for the past three weeks!

Instead of accepting an interview, possibly get hired and then hope to receive compensation, I declined.

Don’t rush the process. YOU ARE WORTH IT!



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