It doesn’t matter.

I need nothing, and you need to learn how to figure that out, too. When your expectation of others is zero, when you do not rely on a single person emotionally or financially, when you start creating the game inside your own head and allowing yourself to have incredible, incredible happiness and peace in your reliance on yourself.

When you create a structure, a game, a blueprint, a framework, all my favorite words. When you create that world where you are accountable for everything, your happiness and everybody else’s happiness around you, and when you start building the momentum of that framework and you start taking on that responsibility for not just yourself and just your parents and your brother and sister, but then your closest friends and then your closest acquaintances and then acquaintances and then business partners and then people that consume your content, and then the ambition to have everybody consume it and take on that responsibility, and when you ask and need nothing of any of them.

When you create a game, a world where you no longer put the responsibility on your parents or older brother, your mentor, society, a country, a flag, a race, a creed. When you take on full responsibility for yourself in yourself, you require nothing of anybody else, and you create a program that allows you to be at that peace.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk – Entrepreneur


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