Dancing in the rain

In one of my blog posts I mentioned I realized a passion for something. That passion is my ability to notice things out of order, or as my husband would call, “my OCDness“.

I started, actually, continued online courses in a new direction, one in digital marketing. To find a way to assist an organization build their online presence.

With today being New Year’s Day and focusing on building a new career path, I have been contemplating about my life and life in general.

I’ve beaten myself up mentality over the many jobs I’ve had in my life, or time I felt I have wasted not following my “one true path“.

Inspiration comes at the oddest times. Maybe I had a “spiritual awakening“, I do not know.

I realized there are many people who are in one career for many years, and feel dissatisfied. They feel the lack of something. Some find a way to venture out and try something new, or a passion they feel.

With the new year here, most of us are thinking of bringing a more positive life into focus for ourselves.

I watched an online video called, “How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig | TEDxMalibu”.

A simple, but profound way to begin to realize what you are here for.

Adam Leipzig asked five questions.

1) Who am I/My name
2) What do you do/What am I good at
3) Who do you do it for?
4) What do all those people want or need?
5) How do they transform and change by what you give them?

I put the five words together that came to me. “Mary inspires children to have hope“. Now, I do not know what to do with this. For the past 36 years of my adult life, I have done nothing that seems connected to any of this.

What I DID notice was one comment.

“prady kalwani
Bro although we have 1 life, but life have many purposes which changes during different phases of your life. a 5 year young boy can not share same purposes once he is 60. it changes just like satisfaction which people confuses as a single time achievable destination but its opposite its multidimensional. you just can not be satisfied just once it will reach at a saturation point. consider life and satisfaction as a empty glass which could be filled by water or wine or etc.(your heart and mind). when u fill that glass with something you feel good and satisfied during that phase until it is finished and glass gets empty again. than you should not be depressed that ohh it got empty you should fill it again with something water, vodka, taqilla or something to again be satisfied. so there is no 1 purpose and we would never have to be satisfied just once we need to keep filling it whenever it gets empty. now finding out what to fill with with which can make you happy during that phase is all together a different topic if you want i can create a video for that and share with you. “

I did not discover ONE life purpose, but discovered we have MANY things to do in each of our lives.

We love many people. I had three very different marriages. I had three children, again, all different, all needing different attention. I had many jobs. It wasn’t failure to have so many. I was quite good at each of them!

I realized, as the above commenter stated, we are ALWAYS filling and refilling a glass in life. Constantly providing attention to different people and situations.

There is NO magic bullet for weight loss, NO one job that will fulfill anyone, NO one relationship that will be the end all to every other relationship we have, be it with friends, family or spouses.

We are constantly changing, evolving, and our focus needs to be as well. There is NO one way to learn, NO one way to teach, NO one way to do anything.

There is NO one job/career for anyone. We are all capable of learning anything if we put our minds to it and have the resources to back us.

If I can help make someone else’s life a little brighter, give them hope in a hopeless situation, dance in the rain with them, or when the sun is shining brightly on them, let them know they matter, I will know I have found my purpose.


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