It’s really quite simple. Really.

Some say Intuition is like a Sixth Sense. I think “feelings” in general should be the Sixth Sense. Intuition is an emotion, which is feelings.

Intuition (Positive internal guidance – our internal GPS) can evoke feelings of excitement for something. Feeling excited about a new venture, a new job, a new puppy. Not knowing the outcome, but feeling it will be something good.

Ego based “feelings”, cause excitement too, but there is the added element of pulling away, feeling doubt and confusion. That feeling in your gut that isn’t good or something feels off. That is Ego (Negative internal voice of fear) speaking to Self.

Intuition offers a statement. Yes, please do or not, a matter of fact, calm statement. Ego offers reasons or excuses to do or not do, to try to cancel out Intuition.

Ego’s answer is very pushy, loud, very wordy and fills your mind with doubt.

They say we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. This means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person. The steady flow of thinking is a thick filter between our thoughts and feelings, our head and heart…70 percent of those thoughts are negative.

When we drill down an emotion to its basic root, we are either operating by Fear or Love. There is no in between. There is the idea of a “grey area”. This truly does not exist.

“Grey area” is a thought with a clause, an exception or condition phrase added. “I’m fine, EXCEPT….” “I love this, BUT…..”, “If ONLY this would happen, I would have this…”, “If they loved me they WOULD…..”, etc. A grey area exists in the Fear mode.


We all know fear words: Anger, hate, bitterness, selfishness, jealousy. Love is: Kindness, compassion, understanding, acceptance, selflessness, gratitude.


Every negative thought is fueled by fear. It is the fear of the unknown, or fear of repeating a failure.

Feel the fear” means acknowledging a negative thought as it happens. Let it know YOU are the driver, NOT driven by that particular thought. Replace it with a positive thought.

For every negative thought, we need 5 positive thoughts to cancel out ONE negative thought. The more positive we think, the less our negative chatter holds any credence.

“I wish”, “I want”, “I need”, are all fear based. Replace these words with “I am”, “I have”, and feel the difference.

Always choose or operate with a love based thought and you will never choose wrong.


(Am I getting warmer, Shelley? 😉 )


via Daily Prompt: Evoke

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