My two cents…

On my soap box for a minute with my two cents.

Although history wasn’t my favorite subject, I do recall every few decades were segregated into ages. The Golden Age, Baby Boomers, Generation Y & X, the Millennials, etc. You get the idea.

I don’t know if I am expressing this well, but I have a feeling that the explosive pace of the Technological age over the last 20 years is to blame for youth being stressed, struggling and scared. Some have become volatile due to not knowing how to handle life.

The immediate gratification of computers, apps, gaming, social media, etc. has caused society to have VERY high expectations of youth. Children are not robots or machines. How can we expect them to act as if they are? No wonder they are stressed!

We tell our children to tell us when something is bothering them. We can’t shut them down or berate them when they do as we have asked of them. Some act out.

It’s called “a cry for help“. They express as best they can that they can’t keep up with their environment. We need to learn how to listen.

As adults, we have the advantage of age and hopefully some wisdom to figure this out. If we can’t and no one answers, God help us.

Who knows what an individual is capable of when they are at their breaking point. Age doesn’t matter, as we are horrifically seeing more and more violence from children. People snap when they feel the walls caving in.

In addition to this, children are desensitized to really be in the moment, but rather they experience a false sense of connection. Some, become disconnected from reality.

There is NO way man can keep pace with technology which is why we are seeing these cracks of just how frail the human mentality is when it isn’t nurtured. Society is imploding due to our determination to create more, instead of just being.

Time is of the essence. We are losing our greatest resource at an alarming rate. Our children. Our hope for everything right in the world. The very reason we had them in the first place. To carry on into the future. Our legacy. We need to invest in them as a whole individual, not just what they are capable of doing, but for who they are and will become.

We need to find a way to stop the greed to strive for more. We don’t need more, we need balance. We need to take a breath, and find peace with being good enough.


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