Believe it or not

My nephew took his life, June 20th, 2017, and everyone was and continues to be beyond devastated.

A few days after he passed away, before taking a shower to wash away all the tears from my face from crying all day. I said in my mind, show me that you are alright, make a noise, shut the tv off, flicker the lights, nothing.

I came out of the shower and could not help notice the mirror. My husband and I write XOXOXO and the infinity symbol on it.



One of the O’s appeared to be scratched. A few days later, a letter “S” appeared. Did it mean, suicide, sorry, or his middle name, Steven?

My son’s name is also Stephen, but the first thought I had was his mother and I are sisters and our maiden name is Staples, I don’t know the significance of this letter.

Then, a random online reading, mentioned that someone was watching over me, I don’t see that said too often. The card the reader pulled gave me shivers. It looked like the picture of my nephew.


The picture above on the left, is my nephew and below. This is the first time I noticed the same type collar:


Fast forward to this year. My mother passed away April 6, 2018. When she passed away, I put this in with my Mom and asked her to watch over my children.



A little backstory:

When I was either 8 or 10, I asked my Mom if she was going to die.

She told me not for a very long time. What prompted her to say she would haunt me was because I asked her if she would let me know she was still around.

That terrified me as a child. I was afraid to lose my Mom at such a young age.

That is why I would hide in the back seat when she drove to work and she had to drive me back home.

I would also chase her through the woods and catch her car on her way to work. I needed to be near her.

We had a roommate from hell and after my mother passed away, when he would do things, I would say, “see what I told you was going on?!”

I asked her to help and the next day, we received a letter from our landlord wanting 200 dollars more per month, prompting us to move and in the process ensured the roommate squatter realized he had to move and it wasn’t all our choice about him having to leave.

My son Stephen fought for almost a year about getting help for some mental health issues. I asked Mom to help him, and two days after Mom passed away, he voluntarily admitted himself into the hospital.

The night before the funeral, I wanted to buy perfume but didn’t want to spend the money. In my head, I heard, “if you want to smell nice, smell nice”. I found my regular perfume was on closeout for five dollars!

For the funeral my Aunt, forgot her makeup at home in Florida. She never went anywhere without her lipstick.

Somehow, I had one I never used, ever, and that was not like me. I saw a post that day mentioning, “fixing another woman’s crown”. Maybe it was my mother’s way of saying to help her sister with her makeup.


My brother played, “Turn, Turn, Turn” at the funeral, and the next day, I saw a post about a local singer playing “Turn, Turn, Turn”.

At the dinner after the funeral, we went to our mother’s favorite restaurant. I picked a random fortune cookie, and it said “For everything there is a season”, the lyrics of “Turn, Turn, Turn”.


Pulling into work one day thinking about how some people see cardinals and mourning doves like my sister Linda had or pennies or even feathers. I thought I should be able to at least see feathers with all the geese around the park I work at, nope. I then went to put my car in reverse and there was a single, white curled hair where I would put my hand.

I just dyed my hair the day before, it wasn’t the cat’s and my husband hasn’t been in the car for months since he bought his truck.


I also looked up Whitco, Kentucky for the first time. This is where my mother was born, and this is what I saw on my computer screen at work.


The roommate had continued to squat, not paying us anything, stealing from us, but I continued to feed him occasionally, just doing the right thing.

I mentioned to my father we needed to get away from the roommate who wouldn’t move and we need our own place. He mentioned to me to check with a distant relative of his and we finally found a place to move to!

The house was built in 1698. There is a lot of history here.


One day cleaning this home to renovate to live in, I was thinking of my mother and wishing she was alive to see how blessed we were. I heard the same song, 3 times within 2 hours. At first I thought, they are repeating awfully soon, then I realized it was a sign from my mother. “My Wish”.


While showing pictures to a co-worker. I started noticing green orbs in them.

I realized there was an orb in a picture the first day I was at the house. I thought the green thing in the woods was a shiny green Mountain Dew can. I just wasn’t sure how it was so shiny without light hitting it.


You can see it has moved in several pictures.


Then one night, my sister asked me to take more than just one picture at the new house to see if it was a fluke. I was in my car, and took three pictures, and it looked like neon footprints? moving toward me.


This picture looks like the sun’s rays are beaming down to one of the green energy forms in the woods.


The below picture looks like either two white orbs, or a reflection of one against the wood or into the wood.


Every morning while working on the house, I would take a picture of the bright sun in the sky over the deck off the living room.






My first rainbow.

One morning after taking a sunrise picture, I noticed there was a pink orb, with purple below it, my mother’s favorite color.


I spoke to her in my head and said, I didn’t want to be touched, to hear or see anything, since I am moving into a 320 year old house and that is scary enough, lol.

I said, if these energies are you, then I know you will keep anything bad away from me and I haven’t seen anything since.

My mom updated messages on the back of this 37 year old picture not too long before she passed away. She had six daughters, I do not know why she referred to me as her little girl. It was as if she was preparing herself.

She also wrote on a picture for my sister who lost her son last year. The picture was on the table beside where she sat reading her cookbooks. It mentioned seeing my nephew again.


My sister Nancy had something for me to pick up after work a few weeks ago. She felt compelled to go through our Mom’s massive collection of cookbooks and she stumbled upon this one.

It had me in tears that our Mom was preparing her way 3 years ago and the very personal note she left behind for me.


“My little Mary, this book is for you.
Go slow and do everything it says, and it will always come out good. Love, Mom. Enjoy.
Think of me when you are using this cook book.
Miss seeing you Honey.
Love you always, Mom.”

I finally saw a red cardinal after finding our new home. I was traveling back home from out of state, and I was thinking of my mother, and wishing she could see the house.

I always look for the “Welcome to Rhode Island” sign as I reenter the state, and right then while looking at the sign, a red cardinal swooped down over the windshield low enough I could see it clearly.

I felt as if my Mom was saying, “Welcome to your new home, I know, I see!”

Seeing the cardinal made my heart flutter.


The only flowers I could afford to get for my mother’s funeral were her favorite color, purple.


Like the “lady slipper” flowers that are rare and one is growing at the front steps of our new/old home. The last time I saw my mother, we took a walk around the house and saw a lady slipper. She taught me about these flowers when I was very young.



I could go on and on about the “signs” my siblings and I have had or the synchronicities that have happened.

I recently visited my Dad who had to be hospitalized and then in nursing care for a month and he said he has been finding things Mom wrote in. He says he hadn’t noticed her writing in anything before she passed away.

This is a picture of Mom the night before she passed away. The dog, “Max” is at her feet. He always laid at my Dad’s feet, but not that night.

We miss and love you immensely, Joshua and Mom!!!









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